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Unable to deploy Windows 10 in Virtualbox

In this article, I am going to tell you how to fix the below VirtualBox – Error which appears when you are trying to install Windows 10. This happens when you attempt to install or work with an operating system on a virtual machine in a host where another virtualization program (Hyper-v) is running.

You can disable Hyper-V from Windows Features but the problem here is the hypervisor and credential/device guard. In other words, if you’ve Hyper-v installed on your computer with VMware and VirtualBox or one of them, you’ll likely get this error. There is a different error which VMware displays as discussed in one of my blogs and methods to disable credential guard to get VMware working. The reason is that credential guard uses hardware virtualization or virtualization-based security that only privileged system software can access them. As a result, this will definitely interfere and won’t let VMWare or VirtualBox VM’s function properly.

So the simple way to fix it is by disabling the hypervisor. Open a command prompt as admin and run the following commands. bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off This will just disable the Hypervisor feature from Hyper-v, and it won’t damage the Hyper-v or its virtual machines. You need to restart the machine (host) after you execute the above command. Once you’ve restarted, navigate to VMware or VirtualBox you’re using, and switch on a virtual machine, it will now work fine. Happy testing!

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