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Intune Groups – Dynamic membership rules to categorize devices based on Hybrid Joined or AAD J

Are you looking to create an Intune Group with a dynamic rule to populate all Azure AD Joined devices or Hybrid AD Joined devices and then you notice that you do not have a filter for Join Type?

We all reach this point and get stuck, don’t we? Its true that we have no easy method like a filter available based on ‘Join Type’ in the dynamic membership rules so that the devices can be populated into the group based on Azure AD joined or Hybrid AD joined. But, you still have an option to do this via Device Categories.

Go to Intune > Devices > Device Categories ( Create a category named “Hybrid AD Joined Devices” or “AAD Joined Devices” (decide if you want to set category for Hybrid AD joined devices or AAD joined. Here, I have created a category for Hybrid AD Joined Devices.

Now navigate to Intune > Groups ( Create a DYNAMIC group called “Hybrid AD Joined Devices” and for the dynamic membership rule – add an expression where “Device Categoryequals a value of “Hybrid AD Joined Devices“.

Thats it! To validate, add a hybrid AD joined machine and you will see green check on the status indicating that the rule works.

NOTE: Devices will need to have their Device Category changed to ” Hybrid AD Joined Devices ” manually.

You may try to do a bulk update of device category using Powershell or MS Graph as mentioned in – ( Hope this helps, do comment. Thanks!

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